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Student Ministry

7th - 12th Grades

Student Pastor:  Joe Wuest




Name/Vision/Strategy of FBC Glenpool Youth

We are called... The Annex

Definition of Annex= to append or attach, especially to a larger or more significant Thing. Or to connect


Christ is the larger, more significant thing that we are to attach our lives to. We must connect our souls to the power source which is God through Jesus Christ.  Like a light bulb that without being plugged into the a larger power source it is nothing but a light bulb and is not serving it’s purpose.  But once the light bulb is plugged into the power source it starts serving the function it was created for.  We are children of God-created and designed to serve His will and to worship Him.  Until we plug ourselves into His power source, Jesus Christ, we are not functioning as we were created to. 

We must Plug into the Christ = This is done by accepting Jesus into our Heart (Romans 7:4).

He then empowers us to achieve His will = This is our function (Philippians 4:13)


Vision of The Annex

We will use the acronym P.L.E.A. as our vision. We have 3 verses that the acronym is centered on.  The verses are found in 2 Thessalonians 2:17, Luke 9:23 and Matthew 10:32.  The goal of this vision is that every student that attends The Annex they will have these 4 things in their life and be doing them in their daily life.  This will be their core and foundation.

P.  Pray to God (This is the foundation of your faith from the very beginning of praying to accept Christ to the current status of knowing His will and direction for your life.  It all centers around prayer) 2 Thessalonians 2:17

L.  Live out your faith (We are called to be participators not seat warmers.  We are called to put our Faith into Action) Luke 9:23

E.  Experience God (Through prayer and living out your faith you will experience the Power and Awe of God.  This is important because this is where our Faith and Actions see their fruit.  This step builds us up and shows us that when we follow God he will use us.  Seeing God’s plans in action strengthens our every day walk.)

A.  Acknowledge God (We are called to be disciples, this requires that we acknowledge God to others.  Acknowledging Him means that we recognize His authority on our own lives.) Matthew 10:32


Strategy to carry out the vision of The Annex

This is where we carry out our vision.  Everything that the teachers and leaders of The Annex does will point somehow back to the vision.  Whether it’s through lessons, mission trips, camps or other events it all has a purpose and that is to point back to the vision which ALWAYS points back to Jesus Christ.  We will use the acronym T.I.E.  This is fitting because as leaders we are trying to bridge the gap and tie our students into understanding our Father the best we can.

T.  Teach the Word of God (This is done through Sunday School classes, Discipleship classes, Wednesday night encounters at The Annex, and other moments.)

I.   Invest in every student (This is accomplished through camps, mission trips, community projects and other events.)

E.  Equip each student to do the work of God (This is accomplished through everything listed above. Everything we do is to try and equip our students for their future and to give them opportunities to carry out the work of God.)