Pre-Teen Ministry

Directors:  Breanna & Michael Troglin

Area 56 is our 5th and 6th grade Pre-teen ministry. There are a variety of activities your pre teen can be involved in. We are committed to loving and teaching ALL pre-teens to develop a lifelong relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our mission is to share the truth of God's Holy Word so that each pre teen will accept Christ as their Savior and then disciple and train each student to lead others to do the same. Our 5th and 6th graders will have fun and be challenged to find ways to begin serving in the church even as pre teens. 

Background checks are conducted on all adult workers 18 and over for all children, pre-teen, and student ministries. 

Sunday Mornings 

9:45 am- 10:45 am

Forged: Faith Refined is a curriculum designed to sharpen preteens’ worldview according to biblical principles. Each lesson includes discussions on truth, identity, and relationships.

Wednesday Nights 

6:30pm-7:45 pm ( Sept-May)



Bible Skills, Drills, and Thrills- Each Wednesday pre-teens have the opportunity to learn Bible books, verses, key passages, Bible divisions, and life application of those Bible truths in a variety of fun and engaging ways. They will have fun while learning to grow to be more like Jesus.